Chris Way

New Frontier Emergency Medicine Symposium

Chris Way

Chief Christopher Way was appointed the Chief Officer of the Kootenai County EMS System in North Idaho on September of 2013.  Prior to his current position he served as an EMS Chief for a county in Southeast Kansas. 

For over twenty-seven years Chris has served, initially, as an EMT and EMT-I and then in 1994 became a paramedic.  As an EMT he served on a rural Ambulance service while becoming a paramedic.  After becoming a paramedic he was hired in a large metropolitan EMS System and served in several roles including; paramedic, field training officer, clinical instructor, tactical paramedic, and Operations Supervisor/Shift Commander.

In his current role Chief Way oversees the delivery of Emergency Medical Services via a fire-based EMS system.  This is done through six (3 ALS and 3 BLS) transport departments and five BLS first response only departments.  Through these agencies KCEMSS responds to over 19,500 requests for service annually and transports over 12,500 patients a year.  In his role as EMS Chief he serves on many local and regional EMS, Fire, Emergency Management, and Healthcare committees.  

Feel free to contact him at chris@newfrontieremergencymedicine.com.