2019 Agenda Sneak Peak

New Frontier Emergency Medicine Symposium

2019 Agenda Sneak Peak

General Session Speakers

·       Mike Helbock* – Cardiac Resuscitation
·       Col. (Ret.) Chethan Kharod*, MD – Special Operations Medicine and Team Building
·       Col. (Ret.) Kathryn Moore*, MSN –  Trauma
·       Dr. David Smith, MD* – Trauma and Burn Injuries
·       Dr. Jim Bryan, MD – Working Together for the Patient
·       Matthew Streger, Esq. – The Legal Issues Surrounding Patient Transport

*Denotes that the speaker will also be teaching a breakout session

Breakout Session Speakers:

·       LifeFlight Network – Critical Care OB, Ventilation/Oxygenation, BLS Airway
·       Medtronic – Stroke and Neurologic Emergencies
·       Dr. Travis Newby, DO – The Use of Ultrasound and Establishing an Ultrasound Program
·       Scott Lail –  Sedation and Pain Management
·       Dr. Justin Hensley, DO – Environmental Emergencies
·       Bill Justice – Rural Trauma Considerations

More to Be Announced Soon

2 Responses

  1. Carolyn Yela says:

    Wow, the 2019 agenda looks AWESOME!!! We (Carolyn and Frank Yela) look forward to attending…again! So excited that you are keeping the best EMS conference on the West Coast going! Hoo-Rah! See you in April 2019!

  2. Chris Way says:


    Thank you so much! We look forward to having you back with us in 2019! Last weekend we had a final planning meeting with the entire team and it is going to be great! New topics, new energy and new people! Thanks again for the feedback and can’t wait to see you in April!


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